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orchid jiyeh orchid jiyeh
What started as a new vision in beach resorts a few years back evolved to become the ultimate summer destination, forever changing the beach concept in Lebanon and the Region.

Breaking records and redefining the beach experience, Orchid raised the standards of hospitality to an unprecedented first.

Situated in Jiyeh, Lebanon's select summer destination, a 25 minutes drive from Beirut's Central District, it is on one of the sunniest spots on the Lebanese seaside: A secluded 50 meters stretch of white sandy beach coast with a clear & unobstructed view of the sea.

Orchid, a beach... a lifestyle
orchid jiyeh


An unprecedented concept in beach resorts, restricted to adult use exclusively, Orchid offers the most personalized service to its guests.

With a limited number of visitors allowed per day, Orchid is ideal for those looking for a relaxed, comfortable and an utmost sumptuous atmosphere, where every need is met and no effort is spared in ensuring the most lavish service: from fresh cold towels, to sunglass cleaning, cold-water facial spray and your own private professional masseuse.

Never has a beach resort been so unique and exclusive in its design: A customized structure that gives guests the impression that the resort was tailor made for them. Accordingly offers its visitors a multitude of options and the possibility of choosing what best suits their tastes.

orchid jiyeh orchid jiyeh

120M2 AREA

Ideal for stylish celebrations and posh gatherings or even exclusive launches, the Royal Hut is unique and unparalleled in size and style: A 120 m² area, with a mega Jacuzzi, a wide sundeck, a private WC and dressing, several sun beds and a private dining and seating area.


set right above the main pool

orchid jiyeh orchid jiyeh
orchid jiyeh orchid jiyeh

Perched on infinity water decks or on the loan overlooking the sea, the Jacuzzi huts are all equipped with a private sundeck, a Jacuzzi, and a private dining area. The Pool and Beach huts are also each equipped with a private sundeck. All huts are individually volume controlled, equipped with a personal telephone and clean linen.

Individual sun beds around the pool and on the beach deck are also available for smaller groups of people looking to enjoy Orchid’s exclusive first class service.

orchid jiyeh orchid jiyeh

A culinary destination on its own, Orchid offers its visitors an 80-seat restaurant, serving an extravagant menu of delicious international dishes, an elaborate wine list and a cigar menu; Exotic drinks, cool cocktails and scrumptious dishes that satisfy the pickiest pallets.

Orchid’s cuisine raised the gastronomic quotient of beach resorts and transformed their culinary scene. For lunches, dinners or banquets, Orchid’s Chef will delight your palates with his contemporary cuisine and stunning creations prepared with imagination and flair.

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orchid jiyeh

Jiyeh Costal Road, Lebanon
+961 3 04 04 20   •   +961 7 99 63 03
[email protected]
For your convenience, reservation is highly recommended.
orchid jiyeh